The Combat Veterans of America Motorcycle Club is composed of military veterans and friends of veterans who share a passion for motorcycling; without regard for race, color, religion, or sex. In addition to organized motorcycle activities, the club performs community service, charitable activities, and educational activities. The objectives of the club are to:

  1. Provide social and recreational activities for members and provide an organized and safe environment to ride and nurture camaraderie among members.

  2. Raise awareness for veterans and support fellow veterans and families during their time of need, e.g., sponsor and participate in activities of a patriotic nature; carry out programs to perpetuate the memory of deceased veterans and members of the Armed Forces of the United States; aid and comfort survivors; conduct and support charitable activities that benefit injured, sick, disabled, or missing-in-action veterans and/or their families or that benefit other charities.

  3. Promote and enhance the social welfare of the community and support programs.