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The History of the Combat Veterans of America Motorcycle Club

The Combat Veterans of America Motorcycle Club (CVAMC) was established in the fall of 1994 in Dale City Virginia as a single patch Motorcycle Club. The Charter Members were all members of the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) Post 1503 who shared a passion for motorcycles and were Combat Veterans. Their military service, combat experience, love of motorcycles, and desire to honor all of those who could no longer ride was the common bond that drew them together.

The first CVAMC patch used the VFW "Cross of Malta" as its center emblem in order to acknowledge the sacrifices of all Veterans of Foreign Wars. In 1998 a new and younger era of combat veterans began embracing the CVAMC which slowly changed the direction of the motorcycle club. In 1999 the VFW National Headquarters notified the CVAMC that the VFW does not officially endorse Motorcycle Clubs and requested that the CVAMC cease displaying the "Cross of Malta" as part of their patch. As a result CVAMC had to design a new center emblem to represent the club.

The Eagle and Flag design was quickly adopted as the new center emblem in 2000. In the ensuing years the MC grew in membership and gained standing in the veteran and motorcycling community. As the bonds of brotherhood strengthened and the Club integrated into the motorcycle club culture, the membership realized that a true "three piece patch" was the direction and level of commitment that they desired. CVAMC Members voted to design a 3 piece patch and began the transition into a traditional motorcycle club. A new center patch was designed to represent the core principals and traditions that the club members chose to convey. In 2004 CVAMC officially became a 3 patch Motorcycle Club.

In 2006 the MC applied for and officially received recognition from the IRS and the Virginia State Corporation Commission as a 501C-(19) Not for Profit, Tax Exempt Corporation. This status allows the MC to regularly raise funds to do charitable work to support Veterans and their families in their times of need.