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Becoming a member of a Motorcycle Club is not for everyone and not everyone who may want to join will be accepted. Becoming a member requires a great deal of effort on your part. The Combat Veterans of America Motorcycle Club does not seek out members. We are not however, hard to find if you truly have an interest. You can show up at any event on our public events calendar or go to any local MC events and we will likely be there. When you see us, introduce yourself, take the time to get to know us. It is not a one-time meet and greet, you have to Hang-around for a while. If you meet the pre-requisites and express an interest in becoming one of us, once we get to know you, someone will ask you along to a Club event as a guest.

If by your demonstrated conduct and behavior you seem like someone we would consider for membership, you will be invited to petition for membership by a full patch member. For you to be invited to become a member, you must demonstrate a willingness to be committed to the club, its membership, its values, and its causes. You must also be able to conform to the Motorcycle Club culture. If you are asked, and are found qualified for potential future membership, you will enter the prospect phase. The prospect phase is where we mentor you in the Motorcycle Club culture and get to know who you really are. You will be assigned an experienced full patch member as your Sponsor. You will remain under the direct close supervision of your sponsor throughout the prospect phase. The Prospect Phase is a trial period where you learn and we evaluate you for suitability as a member. As a prospect you will be tested many times by full patched members. At no time however, will you be asked to do anything that any full patched member would not be willing to do.

If you complete all of the requirements in the prospect phase and are recommended for advancement, you will enter the probationary phase of membership. During this phase you will continue to demonstrate your willingness to conform to our specific culture, goals, and principles. This phase is less learning, but is more about demonstrating the application of what you have been taught to this point. While you are not as closely supervised, you will always be under scrutiny and will be evaluated for full membership by all club members.